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Technology at Your Fingertips

Whether you are a Truck Driver, Motor Carrier or Shipper, simplify your life with just one click.

Bullhu provides solutions that make it possible for Drivers, Motor Carriers and Shippers to improve sustainability through efficient delivery logistics operations.


Making Freight Delivery Efficient for Motor Carriers (Truckers) & Shippers Easier, Anytime, Anywhere


Providing a Number 1 Service

Our Vision

One of the most essential sectors required for the growth of any economy is freight logistics. For many countries across the globe, this industry remains inefficient, with stakeholders accruing losses in the form of idle time, non-revenue generating miles and high operating cost, among other things. Our paramount goal is to pioneer and sustain by continuous refinement, a common digital space to serve drivers, motor carriers and shippers. By deploying innovative, easy-to-use and efficient products, we aim to be the dependable backbone that moves the economy.

Our Mission

Deploy innovative, easy-to-use and efficient products that add value to our partners.

Our Values
  1. Always communicate with thoughtfullness, honesty and transparency.

  2. With an open mind, strive to acquire knowledge.

  3. Approach every task with preparation and deliberation.

  4. With a commitment to excellence, acknowledge and redress mistakes; learn from failures.

  5. Make sacrifies, work with tenacity of purpose but do not forfeit fun and leisure.

  6. Manage resources with prudence; conserve where necessary and be generous when essential.

  7. In all endeavors choose the path of integrity and work towards an upright legacy.


Learn All About the Advantages that Our System Has to Offer

Personalize Your Experience

What started off as a simple idea evolved in time to a well established company that’s eager to give back more to its users. Following extensive research and fine tuning, BULLHU has turned into an intelligent logistics management provider that not only offers drivers, motor carriers and shippers a wide range of special technological tools, but can also simplify and ease their lives. 

Accessible from All Locations

Looking for an intelligent logistics management provider that can do it all? BULLHU is all you need. Our easy-to-use platform can do just about anything, and allows you to streamline your freight delivery needs. BULLHU is the tool for you and can be used from anywhere at anytime! See what it has to offer you today!

Shipping Containers

Bullhu has Come a Long Way

Borne out of a recognition of how fragmented the logistics industry is, Bullhu combines ease-of-use, data analysis and geotracking to centralize delivery management.

Our team is made up of individuals with backgrounds in freight brokering, freight logistics, information tech and business administration.



Our platform is designed to bring stakeholders such as drivers, motor carriers, shippers, logistics managers, fulfillment managers, hub managers, field staff, including customers together for efficient real-time communication and collaboration.   


If you have efficiency in mind then Bullhu is your one stop shop; this as well as the technical expertise of our team sets us apart.


What People are Saying

From the early stages of its development, Bullhu has managed to make a positive impact on our users’ lives. Since beginning our journey in the freight logistics industry, we’ve paved the way through our state-of-the-art mobile features — helping our customers focus on what really matters. Our tech solutions are transforming the logistics industry, so it’s no wonder our satisfied customers have a lot to say about their experiences.

Highly professional team... strategic, pay attention to our needs and they take nothing for granted when it comes to preparation.

Partnering with Bullhu has enabled me to plan and implement next level goals, which is helping my business grow in ways I didn't expect.

Took a chance and reached out to the Bullhu team... best decision I've made, especially as we search for our place in a post-pandemic world.


Be in Touch

We want to hear from you!

Tel: +234-90-3302-0421 

Plot SC/9 Independence Layout Enugu, Nigeria.

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